Brasserie: (n) A restaurant serving alcoholic beverages, especially beer, as well as food.

At Unity our philosophy is about quality, sustainability and taste. Our meat comes from sustainable sources in the KZN area, often straight from the farm. Our craft beer offering includes our own brand, THAT Brewing Company, and we make it just a few kilometres away at S43, our sister establishment and home to our own brewery.

Relaxed, flavourful and focused on cutting our carbon footprint, Unity strives to introduce locals and visitors alike to the quality of local produce and our own locally-brewed beer.

Simply put, we like to serve great chow and good beer.

Like many good things in life, it started with a glass of beer.

Sean went to a local home brewers' festival hosted by the 1000 Hills chef school. One particular beer simply blew him away: That Irish Red - made by Paul Ten Hoorn Boer. Sean handed Paul a business card and said, "One day we will have a brewery together; call me." About six months later Paul strolled into Unity bar for a beer and before he knew it he was building a 300 litre brewery on a "shoe string budget" in a garage in Umbilo, with the sole purpose of supplying Unity with beer. The brewery ended up reaching a capacity of about 4000 litres a month!

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