[Unity Bar]

Sean is passionate about serving good quality local brand liquors, and many of our house brands are all from provincial and national South African producers and distilleries. With some really good local brandy, gin, vodka, tequila, and grappa. Also in line with keeping flavours local, Durban curries are featured in a big way on our menu, served with rice/roti or as bunnies, as a dish true to any Durbanite’s heart and we take great pride in mixing our own spices to create a unique flavour.

By doing this we are hoping to build a brand on true local flavour, decreasing our carbon footprint and proving to our clientele that we care about what they are consuming.

Not that we ask them to but a lot of our guests enjoy a walk to Unity, as its unique location in the heart of the city is based in a largely flatted area where high density living is present. This is both a green and safe to approach to going out to drink a few local beers, enjoy a great meal and not drive home.

Now, there’s a thing.